Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 Things I'd Revise

Here are the two projects that I think need the most revision for this portfolio.

1. Wikitravel - My wikitravel page content-wise was good, but there were numerous things that flew over my head that I missed and caused me to lose points. I just didn't follow the layout properly at times and put things where they didn't belong, and my tone was below par as well, mainly because I think I used this a way to somewhat vent about the problems in the town when I should have been focusing on the good. To rectify this, I will go back and fix the layout to adhere to proper standards. I will then fix my tone and make it sound more neutral and less cynical.

2. Social Networking - I know we haven't gotten this back yet, so it may be a bit early. I just think there will be things that we messed up on that need to be fixed, I just don't know what yet. Once I get a better idea, I will find ways to improve the site(s) both in a multimedia and informative sense, depending on which one needs the most work, if not both.

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