Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I'd Do on Wikitravel...

These are the three places I want to create or add to on Wikitravel:

1. Branford, CT - My hometown. I know everything about this town, inside and out. Wikitravel has nothing on it, so I'd be making it. I know where all the big things are and what they are, and I think I could make a really neat article for the town.

2. Bristol, CT - Next to nothing on it at Wikitravel. It is the hometown of ESPN, and there's no mention of it. There's also a need of a better description for Lake Compounce. So I'd do a lot of fixing for that page.

New Haven, CT - A pretty decent article already. The only things I think were missing were sections on nightlife and businesses, which is what I'd add.

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