Friday, October 9, 2009

Wikitravel tips

1. Use of italics for emphasis
2. Use of inter-language links
3. Don't over-link

These three tips are what I found to be the most useful ones when it comes to Wikitravel. Use of italics stuck out to me. For my article, I know there will be certain things I'd like to focus or emphasize on, and I wouldn't know how to make those things easy to locate. Now, this helpful tip has let me know how to make certain things stick out. I think use of inter-language links is important because this is an international site. Anyone, anywhere can visit it, so naturally not all of them speak English. So, it would be helpful to them if there were links in another language. Or, if an international Wikitravel page had more detail on it than the English page, you could link it up to the English page (I'm sure you can translate it somehow). And finally it is important not to overlink because Wikitravel is made by people for people. When talking about travel, you want to describe things vividly and make it appealing. If you overlinked, I think it would read like a research paper, and no one likes those. So, I think those are three tips that would help anyone writing a Wikitravel entry.

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