Friday, September 18, 2009

My Enthusiast Blog

I have chosen the topic for my blog: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It is my favorite sport and I follow it religiously. It is specific enough because it is a specific sport, but its not too narrow because I can choose from a wide array of fighters and promotions (organizations) to write about in my blog. I would like to satisfy the stimuli of MMA fans and give them the information and insight they lack in mainstream sports companies (like ESPN).
That said, the audience I want to attract would be the MMA and combat sports fan. I think they would like to see an interesting MMA topic (ex: the newly announced headliner for the next fight card) posted, except with insight from a true fan and someone who knows almost everything there is to know about the sport. What I don't think they'd want to see is me half-assing this like many other online MMA publications do. What I mean by that is while some sites do provide new information about the sport, some of them are biased towards certain fighters and organizations, or post wild, unaccountable rumors. I would never do things like that.
I would try to write like a sports radio broadcaster talks. What I mean by that is give in-depth AND fair insight on a topic. Also, I'd inject my opinion if I feel it is applicable, or to get a few laughs. It will support my blog's focus because I don't think there are enough writers in the world who are as passionate about the sport as me, and I hope that my writing can one day help MMA get to the mainstream.

Potential Titles: MMA Madhouse, The Angry MMA Nerd, Cage Writing Fury (a take on the Cage Fighting Fury Championships organization)

Potential Post Ideas: Fedor fighting for Strikeforce, Randy Couture back to the light-heavyweight division, the rollercoaster career of Paulo Filho, the return of Ricardo Arona, Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter TV show

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