Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I Should Have Influence...

People should listen to what I have to say about MMA because I know what I'm talking about. Simply put, there aren't many competent sports writers who fully understand and appreciate MMA yet. Being a fan of the sport for over 4 years and watching countless events presented by numerous organizations. I am well educated about the techniques and disciplines found in the sport, and have a great deal of knowledge and interest in the fighters as well. I know a wealth of reputable sites about MMA on the internet that I can base my posts around as well. My knowledge and understanding about the sport will shine in my blog.
People should trust me as a credible source because although I am a writer, I am also a fan. I wouldn't want to disrespect the sport by posting false information or be biased towards a certain fighter or organization. As, being trained as a journalist, I don't want to lose my journalistic integrity by not being truthful. This is why I should have influence in my blog.

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