Monday, September 14, 2009

Response to Stefanac

Stefanac was a good piece to read. What it said made a lot of sense to me. He described enthusiast blogs very well and gave good examples, like car blogs. The biggest thing I took away from the piece was when he interviewed the main blogger from one of the popular car blogs. I like how he explained that most people do enthusiast blogs because they are passionate about something and want to share their passion with other people. I agree whole-heartedly with that sentiment because I find it is much easier and much more fun to write about a topic that I'm interested in rather than one I'm indifferent about. That being said, I also liked how he described how bloggers generally receive little to no money for blogging. Personally, I follow and enjoy a lot of clubhouse and/or enthusiast blogs, and I do like how passionately they talk about the subject. I share the many of the same sentiments that were described in this article, and I'm sure it will help me with my blogging.

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