Thursday, November 5, 2009

Final Reflection on Completed Proposal Memo

As a whole, this project was very fun and taught me a lot. I think part of the reason for our success was that everyone really pulled their weight and did what they said they would do to the best of their ability. We all got along really well, and shared similar ideas and suggestions that made this new site come out great. For my piece, I had to do the initial proposal memo. As I stated in my earlier post, the peer review showed I did a lot right for the memo, but I was still missing a few things, namely descriptions of specific design and rhetorical analysis terms. Having already had a professional tone that outlined all of the details about what we planned to do about the site and why, all I had to do to make the best it could be was add in those terms. So, I added in the terms where they applied in the memo, gave a brief explanation of what the term meant, and why it applied to what we doing. All in all, I now feel like the memo is the best it can be, and followed the guidelines for the assignment perfectly. I think as a whole, we have done a fantastic job redoing this site, and I think you'll be very pleased with what our group has done.

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