Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts on peer review and revisions

If it wasn't for the peer review session today, I think things may not have gone as smoothly with this project. By seeing other classmates sites and reading the feedback they gave us, we realized that there were many things we could/needed to do for the site. We realized we could changed the background colors, and we should use more pictures to help pull the audience in. For me specifically, I got great insight into how to fix the proposal memo. Although I made it all professional sounding and structured it very well, I had forgotten to add key terms to the memo. I plan to go back and revise the memo to include those key terms and how they relate to how we fixed the site. It was definitely very beneficial to have an extensive peer review like this, because it allowed us to learn more about designing and redesigning a website, as well as what type of terminology to use in my proposal memo.

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