Friday, November 13, 2009

Thoughts on Boyd and Bennett

Boyd and Bennett brought up many good points in their respective articles. They had a lot in common when it came to how to use social networking tools for political action. In politics, it is important to find your audience to help resolve an issue, and you would usually need a lot of backing. Both articles stressed that with the advances in technology, the internet, and social networking, now would be a great time to take advantage of that. With social networking, it is easier to track down people with similar interests and makes communication much easier with the use of message boards and in-site messaging. They both stated that we should change with the times and start to use social networking to promote political causes.

Where they differ is that Bennett spoke about using social networking and the internet not only for politics, but for teaching as well. He suggested that we should stop educating students like they did in the age of our elders, and move to more advanced teaching. He believes that showing young people what can be achieved and the potential that can be reached with social networking and internet skills will result in more people getting involved in political and other practices. Both were great articles that taught me a lot about how social networking can be used, other than wasting time with my friends.

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