Monday, November 23, 2009

Final Thoughts on Finished Social Network Project (3/3)

First, I'd like to say by finished I mean completed awaiting review. Overall though I think we did a great job on our project and we don't have to change that much. Everyone did their part and pulled their weight. We all easily agreed on what we should do for each component of the project. We all found great multimedia items for the site, such as youtube videos, music, and pictures relating to our topic. I really liked how fun and easy Ning is to use. Creating it was very similar to creating a facebook page. The blog portion is a great way to post developments, facts, and opinions on our topic, and the message boards are easy to use and a great way for people to get involved in the online community. Facebook causes was another thing I liked about the assignment. It was fun to see how people can come together and raise awareness, and even money, in one of the largest and most recognized social networking sites. Everything was easy to find and use on Ning, and Facebook causes was easy to use as well, for the most part. Overall our group worked together very well, and I think we completed a great social networking site for a cause.

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