Monday, November 2, 2009

Reflections on Proposal Memo for URI Surf Club

I have written most of the proposal memo for the URI Surf Club site. By writing this, I have not only increased my knowledge of electronic environments, but also my writing style in general. By writing this memo, I have really gotten in touch with the rhetorical and critical analysis of a website, such as how to make it aesthetically pleasing and how to fix websites that are not easy to navigate and use. As for my writing, I used persuasive writing techniques to explain to the owners of the site what is wrong with it, why its wrong, and how it should be fixed. This knowledge has not only helped my writing style, but has also helped me with basic website design. I have learned how to rhetorically analyze how websites work best. I have also learned how to incorporate that into different forms of writing. This has been a fun and educational learning experience for me.

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